Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I have to apologize, I haven’t been able to keep up the blog due to my having major computer problems. I’m hoping that this will change very soon.

Human beings by nature have a particular way of classifying things. Specifically, things that are familiar to them. Smells, sights and sounds are usually rounded off to the nearest memories in order to accomplish a sense of comfort and acceptance. In other words, it’s easier for people to swallow something they can refer the taste to compared to something new. Like some exotic meats of cuisine, (snake, octopus and frog legs) most people would say tastes like chicken. Which in case brings me to Bojuka. Usually when other martial artists and professional warriors view a demonstration of any kind in regards to Bojuka, comparisons to other forms of martial art systems begin to quickly follow. I have been told that Bojuka is a Krav Maga knock off, modified Wing Chun or that it’s a bad form of Wing Chun and Kali mix as well as other unflattering comments. First off lets get something clarified, Bojuka is a non-traditional American martial art based in America. Despite it’s using certain traditional martial art drills as building blocks for the attributes of the practitioner, it’s thinking and philosophy is very much geared towards American views and philosophy. People compare Bojuka to Krav Maga because Krav Maga has been successfully marketed, but unknown to many Bojuka existed in America long before Krav Maga first ever appeared on a magazine here in the states or in Jennifer Lopez's film "Enough". I know of this personally because I have lived my martial art career through several of the major martial art revolutions. I have experience how they have come to popularity. The kickboxing revolution, the Jeet Kune Do revolution, The Ninjutsu craze, the Gracie Jujitsu /UFC revolution and now the mix martial arts/close quarter combat revolution are all examples of systems that boast superiority for street combat. If you do a side by side comparison of the systems of Bojuka and Krav Maga’s tactics you will see that Bojuka is truly geared for American street confrontations due to the understanding, reinforcement and training of legal ramifications that arise from life threatening altercations. Also, there are several core concepts that are exclusive to the system of Bojuka such as the Rock, Zoning, The Cobra Theory, The Lever Concept, pain reaction, the 30/70 percental rule and Manipulation concept. The system was perfected due to the experience Tom gained as a bail bondsman. Through those experiences he was able to develop tactics that would help in situations most likely to occur during daily life such as knife attacks and multiple opponent scenarios, but allows the defendant to protect themselves from legal ramifications that could and does sometimes arise as civil suits against the victims who defend themselves. A thorough examination of Bojuka reveals this to be so. I am excited that attention has been given to the world of self defense and close quarter combat, but I also have been disappointed due to the influx of inadequate instructors who claim that they have a thorough knowledge of self defense or street knowledge of self defense, when usually all they have done is taken their system’s strongest techniques dealing with weapons and modified them, but still the tactic falls short which opens a Pandora’s box for the practitioner seeking to find competent tactics for the street. Since 911 several systems have come to the forefront as being the go to persons of superior knowledge in self defense. YouTube is a haven of self defense gurus whose methods are highly questionable. Most teach techniques and tactics that have not been proven, are impractical or are totally irresponsible. The Bojuka Institute Of Self Defense is committed and dedicated to teaching those who seek to have a way of defending themselves in a life threatening altercation. In the interim we ask that before comparing or judging the the system of Bojuka please research us or ask questions. I guarantee you through demonstration or response you will see we are the purest form of self defense.

Thank You!
Sifu James,
“Train Well, Train Smart, Fight Hard!”