Thursday, September 13, 2007

Spotlight on West Coast Bojuka Federation President Sifu James! Part3

One day I went across to the gym to use their bathroom. The plumbing in my school was down and it would be a day before things would be restored. As I walked into the back room I caught a glimpse of a guy tossing some huge power lifters around. Out of my ignorance, blind ego and arrogance I foolishly assumed that they where working on Judo. Although I dabbled with Judo on my path to enlightenment I was never really pleased with the fact that the practitioners always seemed to be injured. Never made sense to me. So I did my business and made my way back across the street. A few weeks later the same man that was tossing around the power lifters came into my school. He was a humble guy and modest in stature, 5'10, 170lbs, blonde hair and blue eyes. I didn't think much of him and quite frankly due to my prejudices, fear and arrogance; I was quick to brush him off. He told me he was looking for established martial artists to train with. I quickly interjected and told him "I don't do Judo". He quickly retorted, "He didn't do Judo either". In that conversation alone I almost lost a most valuable gem that would eventually change my life. But he was patient yet persistent in getting his point across. He told me his name was Tom and he had his own system named Bojuka. He said, “It’s a pure self defense system based on the common denominators of street combat.” Although I was somewhat interested my arrogance got the best of me. While on the outside I was cordial on the inside I wondered what he could teach me. I realized at this point in my career that were no "secrets" in the martial arts, so what could he be able to show me that I have yet to see? He allowed me to brush him off and said that he would slide some information under the door in the future. He did a week later. I put the book on the shelf and it gathered dust. He came through once again and because of his persistence I told him that I would be willing to train with him but I had to wait for some mats that I had recently ordered. But, for the very first time he mentioned something that piqued my interest... Bruce Lee.

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