Friday, September 14, 2007

Spotlight on West Coast Bojuka Federation President Sifu James! Part4 Final

At that time I was heavy into Bruce Lee's teaching. It was the teachings of Bruce Lee that I believed and understood gives people their own individuality which allows them to best fighter they can be. It's something that my Sifu Carl used to say. "Go into any school across the world and look in the teachers library and you will find a copy of the Tao Of Jeet Kune Do." Tom and I talked for hours that evening. A week and a half later we had our first training session. He blew my mind! Anything I thought I knew about defending against a stick, a knife or punches was quickly thrown out of the water. Not only did he show me that size was not important but he opened the door that many systems keep closed. Multiple opponents! He showed me to make that something to keep in mind always. He took what I thought was a strong foundation of self defense and burned it to the ground. In that single day he offered me something that for so long escaped my grasp. He offered me true confidence and control. There was no secret he offered, just simplicity. He became my instructor and still is to this day. Months later I stopped training Wushu Gung Fu completely and committed my time fully to Bojuka. Although I still taught several other systems at my school. The mainstay of my curriculum all lead to Bojuka. I even trained my young ones Bojuka concepts and once they became Black Belts it became their main sourced of training. I cannot begin to tell you what Tom and the system of Bojuka has done for my life. At 38 I know I can go any where in the world and face death in the eye and truly have no fear in combat. The uneasiness that I once had for bigger opponents is now replaced with a passionate respect for combat against any assailant of any size. After being a victim for the early part of my life and then after all the years that I studied I had finally found me. More than techniques, memorable times of comradeship or self defense. I guess that what Bojuka gives you in the end. It gives you... You. Thank You Tom, always!
"Train Well, Train Smart and Fight Hard!"
Sifu Choice James Skinner.

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